CannaGo is a standard, transparent and safe way for consumers to receive their CBD products by way of on-demand delivery. Think of your favorite food delivery app but for CBD.

How it works

Start off by signing up to become an official buddy on our platform. Then, you’ll be able to browse and choose between the inventories of several trusted dispensaries in your area. Once you’ve got your bag all set, checkout and track your CBD from the moment it’s picked up all the way until our courier arrives at your door!

Our team

N. Victor Nwadike

Founder and Head of Product

From the age of fifteen, Victor has had an ever-growing passion for coding. That same passion drove him to become a published developer with three chart-topping mobile applications by the age of eighteen. After his trifecta with those mobile applications, at twenty Victor decided to start a business with a team of people who share that same passion that got him started on his journey.

Matthew Gaffney

Co-Founder and Head of Marketing

Stemming from a combination of his love for creating and helping others, at age sixteen Matthew’s passion for entrepreneurship was birthed. He then began to cultivate his skills around personal, professional and business development. They’ve all lent to the success he’s had in his career in launching his first business at eighteen as well as the constant positivity and optimism he brings daily to the CannaGo company.

Kevin Tolliver

Co-Founder and Head of Engineering

At a very young age, Kevin was fascinated with the world of technology. He then realized how big of an asset technology is in this world and knew he could make a difference. Kevin’s journey began when he was only thirteen years old and since then has gained huge amounts of experience in the realm of web development. He always knew he could make an impact in this world, and he does so by using his skills and passion to contribute to this team.

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